Our Sensory Inclusive™ Certification is available to venues, organizations, small businesses or caring individuals who want to learn more about sensory needs and how to better engage with individuals with sensory needs.

1 in 6 individuals have a sensory need or an invisible disability, These are individuals with ptsd, autism, dementia, strokes just to name a few

Sensory needs are a common medical condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses.

Common sounds, lights, crowds and even certain smells might not only be overwhelming but also physically painful.


The app aims to help families discover the KultureCity Sensory Inclusive™ Certified locations near you.

Have your business become

Certified Sensory Inclusive

Why become Certified?

Over 550 locations across the USA and the world have worked with us to become certified with our continuous training, sensory bags and app integration.

It caters to everyone with sensory needs not just autism. This includes military vets with PTSD, adults with dementia, Parkinson's disease, stroke patients just to name a few.

It is also easy to execute with staff training, and simple yet impactful modifications made to the location. The location will then always be Sensory Inclusive™.

Sensory Inclusive™ ensures daily accessibility not limited by time and location thus creating an accepting and inclusive community.